Corporate Identity For International Development Company

Assisted a leading international development company to update their brand with consistent internal and external communication materials, including project templates and guidelines..

Agmin Italy has more than a quarter century of experience in the provision of technical assistance, procurement and trading services for projects and programmes administered by many of the world’s most well known international development organisations. The company operates exclusively in the field of international development on work financed by grants and subsidies for both bilateral and multilateral international development organisations including the United Nations (UN), the European Commission (EU), and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Directorate General for Development Cooperation (MAE-DGCS).

Lo Presti Ventura worked with the Agmin Italy to update their corporate identity and create detailed communication guidelines for use throughout the company’s various offices in Italy, South America, and China.

Lo Presti Ventura, along with the Brain Emotion communication agency and a translation company it brought into to assist with the job, created document and presentation templates and developed a uniform style for the company’s external documentation. For a busy company with several international offices regularly producing promotional and bid documents in five different languages, the new materials allowed staff to simplify their work, better communicate their proposals and presentations, and distinguish them from their competitors.

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